• Smyrna High School Core Curriculum
    Smyrna High School provides many different educational settings for our students, including college preparatory, honors, academy, dual-enrollment, team-taught classes, and small-group. These settings enable us to meet the needs of a variety of learners with many different levels of support.  We offer 19 Advanced Placement courses & 14 dual-enrollment courses, allowing students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits.  Please view the Core Curriculum Video for more information about our English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language Departments.

    2021-2022 Advanced Placement Courses (Grade Level) 

    2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Courses 

    Smyrna High School 


    Biology AP (11-12) 

    Calculus AP (11-12) 

    Chemistry AP (12) 

    Computer Science A AP (11-12) 

    Computer Science Principles (10-12) 

    English Lang. & Composition AP (11-12) 

    English Lit. & Composition AP (11-12) 

    Environmental Science AP (11-12) 

    Micro & Macro Economics AP (11-12) 

    Psychology AP (11-12) 

    Spanish AP (12) 

    Statistics AP (11-12) 

    Studio Art AP - 2D, 3D, Drawing (12) 

    US Government & Politics AP (10-12) 

    US History AP (11-12) 

    World History AP (11-12) 


    Delaware State University - Composition 101 and 102 


    Delaware Tech. Community College – Anatomy & Physiology I 

    Delaware Tech. Community College – Child. Nutrition/Safety 

    Delaware Tech. Community College – Quantitative Reasoning 


    University of Delaware – Concepts of the Universe 

    University of Delaware – Food for Thought 

    University of Delaware – Intro. to Women’s Studies 

    University of Delaware – Media/Design/Culture 

    University of Delaware – Media & Society 

    University of Delaware – Visual Culture   


    Wilmington University - Creating Environments for Learning 

    Wilmington University – Finite Math 

    Wilmington University – Learner Development & Early Literacy